Leading with Inclusion: Lead Bank and InReturn Strategies

Sep 8, 2021
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Leading with Inclusion; Lead Bank Partners with InReturn Strategies to Engage with and Create Shared Success Among the Disabled Community

Kansas City, Mo (Sept. 2021) Lead Bank, a community bank whose mission of being at the heart of the success of its communities, today announced a partnership with InReturn Strategies, a web-based solution that introduces more than 4,500 organizations to the untapped value of underserved and disabled populations. Often approached through a philanthropic lens, the disabled community makes up 25% of the world’s population and is an untapped $13T market.

“Lead Bank understands the importance of building relationships across all types of communities to drive mutually beneficial success. Our partnership with InReturn Strategies will enable us to build deeper, mutually profitable relationships with these communities and provides us with additional opportunities to engage with the often-overlooked disabled community. This type of inclusion is important to Lead Bank,” says Josh Rowland, Lead Bank’s CEO. “In an industry that normally relies on policies to drive change and diversity, this partnership will allow our team to drive measurable change.” 

InReturn Strategies’ online marketplace is the first business-driven solution to provide companies with an easy, profitable means to integrate underserved people, including people with disabilities, within their existing operations. Their proprietary network technology, Aptly Marketplace, intelligently positions corporate brands with social sector organizations such as school districts, non-profits, universities, and the many resource ecosystems built around supporting underserved populations.  

“Underserved market segments, equal to 25% of the total population, are a proven business case,” said Scott Brouillette, CEO of InReturn Strategies. “The opportunity is an average 28% increase in profits. However, less than 4% of companies are approaching this global $13T market as a growth strategy. Being an employer of choice for these populations can also increase profit margins by 30% due to lower turnover, higher performance metrics, tax incentives, and increased morale. Why these markets are defined as ‘underserved’ is a matter of scale. InReturn Strategies makes scale possible for companies large and small,” Scott added.

“Lead Bank continually imagines new ways to impact community outreach and success. As a community bank, we must look for every advantage to ensure our resources and dollars impact the most people possible in the best ways possible. This partnership enables an exciting paradigm shift to expand on our goals,” says Angela Blackburn, Director of People at Lead Bank. “We are invested in people and want to ensure that all our opportunities and jobs are reaching all people, that we are culturally ready to engage them, and that we provide a welcoming environment for all,” Angela added.

Caught behind many social and cultural barriers, underserved populations often experience unique challenges in gaining authentic career opportunities, products, and services. Companies targeting these community segments struggle with the lack of visibility and are inefficient in their process. For example, blindness and Down Syndrome affect families across every community, so connecting across various communities requires working with numerous not-for-profits. InReturn Strategies works to bring the disparate service providers together on one platform, where employers can readily discover and embrace the true value of different segments at scale. 

If you are an organization that supports underserved people, send an email to info@aptly.org to learn more. Lead Bank can invite you into their community partnership network and assist you with tools and systems to work with us. 

About Lead Bank:

Lead Bank is a community-minded, independent commercial bank recognized for its innovative approach to community banking and unique banking solutions that allows real people, real businesses, and their communities to thrive. Serving communities with treasury management and lending services, consumer client products, digital consumer banking, and innovative financial technology services, Lead Bank is the first choice for those looking for a future banking partner. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, yet serving clients digitally throughout the United States, Lead Bank is known for being a small business advocate, having outstanding client service, and creating financial pathways for those, who in the past, have been financially unhealthy. 2020 member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), an international network of banking leaders worldwide committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector. For additional information, call (816) 220.8600 or visit http://www.lead.bank/

About InReturn Strategies:

Headquartered in Leawood, Kansas, InReturn Strategies is a marketing and talent solution for innovative companies who desire to tap into this $13T market. Without requiring any additional programs. In a matter of months, not years-without spending and giving away buckets of cash. Without leaving anyone behind. InReturn Strategies was founded by a deaf individual who understands the challenges companies and underserved people face in connecting to build mutual value. We enable your company to engage the world’s largest untapped market segments practically overnight. For more information about InReturn Strategies, visit www.inreturnstrategies.com. 

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