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Dec 11, 2019
Melissa Beltrame, Marketing Director
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(KANSAS CITY, MO) Dec. 2019 Lead Bank, one of Kansas City’s leading locally-owned financial institutions, is pleased to announce that it has been selected to join the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV). The GABV is an international network of banking leaders from around the world committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector. Their collective goal is to change the banking system so that it is more transparent and supports economic, social, and environmental sustainability.  At its heart, the GABV is a network providing a unique space for collaboration for leaders who are committed to values-based banking.  Lead Bank’s mission is “to be at the heart of the success of our communities,” which accords with the values and practices represented by GABV. 

The GABV was founded in 2009 and is comprised of 55 financial institutions and seven strategic partners operating in countries across Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America, North America and Europe.  Lead Bank is the only Kansas City area bank in GABV.  Collectively the banks included in the GABV serve more than 50 million customers, hold up to $197.6 billion USD of combined assets under management, and are supported by close to 67,000 co-workers.  Members of the GABV all share a common mission to use finance to deliver sustainable economic, social, and environmental development, through the practices of values-based banking. 

“We are honored to join the Global Alliance for Banking on Values”, says Joshua Rowland, CEO and vice-chairman of Lead Bank. “Our values align perfectly with GABV as we, too, feel that technology has not yet proven its promise of increasing access and understanding of money and capital for hundreds of millions of people. We are excited to join a network of like-minded and socially-conscious banks that share our mission and our values to create financial opportunity for everyone.”

Membership is extended to institutions that are deeply connected to the people and the communities they serve and are accountable for the risks they both take and create for the people who use their products and services. The GABV focuses on inclusion by putting basic banking products in service of a greater number of people, as opposed to entrenched institutions delivering only confusing and expensive products that benefit the few.  Banks who have a business model that is in line with the “Principles of Sustainable Banking,” which hold a social, environmental, and economic mission at the core of their business models while focusing on meeting the needs of their clients through lending and deposit products are accepted.


About Lead Bank

For 90 years, Lead Bank has remained a strong, independent commercial bank dedicated to delivering smart financial solutions for business owners, managers and their families and communities. With locations in Garden City, Lee’s Summit and the Kansas City Crossroads, Lead Bank continues to provide treasury management, lending services, and personal client products. The flagship location in Kansas City’s dynamic KC Crossroads District introduces clients to a new “era of banking.”  A recipient of multiple local and national awards for innovation and culture, Lead Bank is the 2018 recipient of the prestigious “Mr. K Award”, named after the late Ewing M. Kauffman. This award goes to companies who has shown growth and sustainability of their business, a positive company culture and a record for giving back to the community. Lead Bank was also named in the Top 10 of United States banks as a “Best Place to Work” in 2019 by the American Bankers Association.  For additional information, call (816) 220.8600 or visit http://www.lead.bank/

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