Lead Bank Launches “Grow Home” Campaign and Calculator

Jul 28, 2016

KANSAS CITY (JULY 2016) Lead Bank has launched a new community outreach campaign titled "Grow Home." The campaign highlights several Kansas City businesses and their common ground as community-focused small to midsized businesses. Wanting to rediscover what a bank can do for its community, Lead Bank aims to celebrate the unsung heroes in business by highlighting their character, their impact on the community and what defines them as leaders.

Through this campaign, Lead Bank will give the KC community a chance to reflect on the impact that businesses have, and the interconnections businesses have with their communities. Lead Bank is a bank that recognizes the hard work and dedication that owners pour into their companies, which ultimately fuel the economic growth of an entire community through jobs, taxes and local spending.

“Lead Bank exists for the purpose of growing our shared home here across Kansas City. We do that by supporting the people who are building our neighborhoods, our communities, and our towns. Every day, we are proud to celebrate those leaders who help us Grow Home. This campaign demonstrates our values as a community bank and the greater value we provide in meeting Kansas City’s growing community focus," says Josh Rowland, Lead Bank vice chairman.

The Grow Home campaign includes a landing page, video, an interactive calculator, and social. Lead Bank has gone one step further by creating a Grow Home Calculator. This calculator will allow local businesses to view the impact they’re making in the community in a given year. Anyone can use the calculator to input key data from their organization and find out how their business influences employee spending on mortgages, utilities and rent as well as city tax and state tax contributions.

  • Angela Hurt, founder of Veracity Consulting
  • Mark Spears, founder of 3Square Contracting
  • Sonia Garapaty, CEO of FSC Inc. Consulting Engineers
  • Ron Hill, founder of Redemption Plus
  • Jon Schram, founder of The Purple Guys

This campaign was specifically designed to illustrate the mutual focus of Lead Bank and these Kansas City companies as they strive to continue to bring value and active community focus to the local economy. As the campaign unfolds, their perspectives converge in agreement, reinforcing the "Grow Home" message. Lead Bank will tell each business’s story; where they’re going and how they got there. The videos and back stories can be found at lead.bank/growhome.

About Lead Bank

For more than 85 years, Lead Bank has remained a strong independent commercial bank dedicated to delivering smart financial solutions for business owners, managers and their families and communities. With locations in Garden City, Lee’s Summit and now the Kansas City Crossroads, Lead Bank continues to provide treasury management, lending services, and personal client products. Lead Bank also offers advisory services to companies from bookkeeping to business brokerage services through its division, Lead Business Advisors. The new flagship location in Kansas City’s dynamic KC Crossroads District introduces clients to a new “era of banking.” For additional information, call (816) 220.8600 or visit http://www.lead.bank/

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