Lead Bank Creates ‘Banker-in-Training’ Program for Associates

Aug 10, 2015

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(KANSAS CITY, MO Aug 2015) As Lead Bank opens their third location in the Kansas City Crossroads, they are excited to announce the entire Crossroads team will have completed a signature Lead Bank training program, the “Banker in Training” Program. In line with Lead Bank’s goal to provide its clients the smartest and most efficient banking experience, the “Banker in Training” program will give Lead Bankers expertise in front-line responsibilities, treasury, lending, and advisory services. By strategically aligning each of Lead Bank’s Crossroads employees with a full spectrum of banking functions, clients will now be able to work with one banker to achieve all their banking needs. This “universal and seamless” program will help Lead Bank clients achieve their financial goals by creating a personal connection with their banker. Certain Lead Bankers will also receive a Universal Banker Certification, first created in 2014 and at the time, only offered through the American Bankers Association. 

The Universal Banker is a multi-faceted role that ranges from basic transaction assistance to strategic business advice to rapid credit underwriting and decision-making. The goal of these Bankers is to not only have comprehensive banking and product knowledge, but also to be able to execute a variety of tasks that a typical teller isn’t able to do at one time. Lead Bankers will spend months in this specialized training program and are highly knowledgeable in front-line responsibilities; treasury, lending and advisory services so they can holistically better serve clients and their financial needs. The idea is that a Lead Banker is able to help a walk-in client from start to finish no matter what the financial goal the client has in mind. Ultimately, Lead Bank’s vision is that everyone on their staff has the expertise to address the widest possible range of client needs. 

“At Lead Bank, we believe our team should be experts in banking from opening new accounts to credit questions to strategic advisory. Our Bankers are trained to be experts in all aspects of banking. Because there is such a need for personalized, comprehensive banking services, we created our Banker in Training program. Everyone has to step out of their comfort zone to learn new skills so that we can better serve our clients. Clients deserve bankers who know banking,” says Josh Rowland, vice chairman of Lead Bank. 

About Lead Bank

For more than 85 years, Lead Bank has remained a strong independent commercial bank dedicated to delivering smart financial solutions for business owners, managers and their families and communities. With Missouri locations in Garden City and Lee’s Summit, Lead Bank provides treasury management, lending services, and personal client products. Lead Bank also offers advisory services to companies from bookkeeping to business brokerage services through its division, Lead Business Advisors. For additional information about Lead Bank, call (816) 220.8600 or visit www.leadbankonline.com

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