Lead Bank Announces Strategic Partnership with The City of KC

Apr 14, 2015

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(KANSAS CITY, MO AUGUST 2015) The Human Relations Department of The City of Kansas City, along with local partners, hosted Kansas City’s 9th Annual Kansas City Government Contracting & Procurement (KCGCP) Forum, “Beyond All Limits” earlier today. Lead Bank was announced as a strategic partner with The Human Relations Department’s “For Change” initiative which helps small businesses grow financially by providing business loans to certified firms in the Kansas City area.

In exchange for their expertise in financial guidance and services, Lead Bank will receive predetermined monetary funds that will be allotted to a specified number of small businesses each year. This partnership is a first for Lead Bank and was announced today.

“Small business owners are a crucial part of Kansas City’s economy. Assisting entrepreneurs has always been a mainstay of Lead Bank and we’re here to help businesses win. Lead Bank is always looking for more ways to provide opportunities and assistance to those in the community who have a drive to create, innovate, and succeed,“ said Josh Rowland, Vice Chair of Lead Bank. “Thanks to the city of KCMO, we have found another way to achieve this. By partnering with the city of KCMO for the “For Change” initiative, Lead Bank will again be able to provide financial services and loans to small businesses each year,“ Josh added.

The KCGCP Forum is designed to showcase government contracting and procurement opportunities to businesses in the Kansas City metropolitan area. This event provides critical information, networking and access to local and regional business partners. KCMO City departments, local municipalities, state agencies, and federal agencies fill the exhibit area with informational displays, promoting opportunities to area businesses. Focus was on providing details of government needs, as well as insight into the best business practices, for submitting bids. Several Kansas City area government entities with multimillion-dollar projects slated for this year gave detailed presentations regarding current and upcoming project needs.

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