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May 7, 2019

Owner of Obermiller Construction & Author of 'Fraud Points!'

"When I became a client many years ago, Lead Bank was very open about its desire to welcome more women owned businesses. I found that my company, Obermiller Construction, was evaluated on a personal level, and offered services which were individually tailored to meet my needs. My company would have  been unable to grow as it has if my access to banking services depended on the one-size-fits-all, boiler-plate criteria common at large corporate banks, and which exclude many small and disadvantaged businesses. Lead Bank has been an invaluable partner to Obermiller Construction." - Cheryl Obermiller - Client Since 2014

Cheryl Obermiller is an expert in small business fraud. As the owner of Obermiller Construction, she built a business from the ground up to become a successful multi-million dollar company that employs dozens of men and women. And she did it after undergoing a betrayal and embezzlement from a trusted employee; dealing with an out-of-control aggressive IRS representative; spearheading the prosecution that sent the embezzler to prison; and did it while raising eight children.

Read more about Cheryl and her book, Fraud Points here.



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