Peregrine Honig | Client Success Story | Lead Bank

Apr 4, 2019

"A bank is nothing but a robotic nightmare without genuine people invested at the helm. Lead Bank is run by an intelligent and charismatic team that picks up the phone and cares about helping me and my business partner stay on task and remain aware of the ebb and flow of our fiscal resources." - Peregrine Honig, Client since June 2017

Peregrine Honig is an internationally recognized painter, sculptor and printmaker who has co-owned an independent brick and mortar business, Birdies, in the Creative Crossroads since 2003. Peregrine arrived from San Francisco, CA to the Kansas City Art Institute at age 17 on a scholarship, and remains the youngest living artist in the permanent collection of The Whitney Museum of American Art. Her work has been purchased by and shown in The New York Public Library, The Chicago Art Institute, The National Museum of Women In the Arts, 21c, Yale and Harvard just
to name a few. Peregrine curates nationally and programs the recently founded Greenwood Social Hall, a private
performance and social space on Kansas City’s Westside, recognized by The New York Times in May. A spearhead of the West 18th Street Fashion Show since 2000, with a recent collaborative addition of The Kansas City Garment
Museum set to open its doors in 2020, Peregrine helps bring an audience of over 2,000 people to a one-way city block in recognition and celebration of artists working with and producing wearable design.


As an established and influential business owner in the Crossroads, Peregrine Honig shared Lead Bank’s commitment to Kansas City. When Lead Bank opened a new location, Lead Bankers sought her out and began a dialogue about how a new bank should act responsibly for the betterment of the creative community. The conversations led to a strong business relationship based on common interests, intuition and mutual trust. Peregrine moved her personal accounts and then she and her business partner, Alexis Burgrabbe, moved their business banking accounts to Lead Bank, including their merchant services credit card processing for Birdies.


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