Utilizing Instagram to Run Your Business | Lead Bank

Aug 23, 2021

Build your business profile

• About you. Make sure users know exactly what your product is when they enter your page.

• Create a catchy user name or memorable page.

• Design a logo to represent your brand

Learn to photograph and use editing tools

• Take good photos. Think about the background and lighting.

• Utilize Instagram’s editing tools to trim, sharpen, light up photos, and more.

• Editing app suggestions: Lightroom, Facetune, Peachy, Picsart, Instasize

Consistency and engagement is key

• Posting consistently will help grow followers and engagement rates.

• Create a cohesive page of posts.

• Engage with followers and reply to comments and direct messages.

Embrace the Instagram culture and build your following

• Utilize reels to post videos of your product and brand.

• Get familiar with the trendy hashtags and apply the ones that make sense for you.

• Tag locations and others in your posts.

Follow similar accounts

• Build and join different communities by following similar accounts to yours.

Utilize all features

• Use Instagram stories as another form of engaging with your followers.

• Go live with product sales or to introduce a new line of product.

• Use the question box in stories to get to know your followers and want they want to see.


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