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Dec 10, 2020

Written by: CIO Bulletin Team

Lead Bank Banking With a Personal Edge

Banking today in the digital age is very different from what it was just a few years back. While most banks are looking to take up the challenge of transforming their current banking systems which were conceptualized ages ago, some banks like Lead Bank is breaking the mold and meeting the modern requirements of today’s customers. Lead Bank is not your traditional community bank. Its out-of-the-box thinking, strategy, open-concept locations and non-traditional way of banking is just the start of its uniqueness.

Established in 1928, Lead Bank specializes in processing payments for commercial entities or partnerships. The bank handles a large volume of payments on a daily basis to support payments-heavy entities. But what helps Lead Bank stand out is its investment intechnology. It truly recognizes the importance of technology and partners with FinTech companies to provide cutting-edge products like credit builder accounts. We recently interviewed Lead Bank’s CEO and Vice Chairman Josh Rowland to know more about how it is helping its customers. Here are the excerpts:


How is your banking different? What are the upsides of choosing you over others?

Lead Bank is not your standard community bank. Close to 100-years old and with several local Kansas City metro locations, Lead Bank has entered the national, digital space providing state-of-the-art digital services that are only known to bigger banks or FinTech companies.

Amidst its recent growth, Lead Bank specializes in offering personalized financial expertise to local and national clients. Out-of-the-box solutions and thinking are the bread and butter of Lead Bank. Typically, clients choose us due to our holistic financial thinking and product offerings.

If online-only is your cup of tea, Lead Bank’s online experience and product offerings are user friendly and include all financial offerings one would find inside a brick-and-mortar location. Regardless of which outlet a client chooses, he or she will always find that Lead Bank is at the heart of the success of our communities demonstrating its core values COIN – Compassionate, Open, Imaginative and Nimble.


For what purposes can Lead Bank Business loan be utilized?

We specialize in commercial lending and have seasoned, experienced, and knowledgeable local lenders on our staff. Lead Bank offers revolving lines of credit, construction loans, real estate loans, equipment loans, Civic Contractor Funding Program (CCFP) loans, KCI Contractor loans, business acquisition loans, accounts receivable and inventory loans, and agricultural loans. We go the extra mile by specializing in finding the solution that works best for the client.

Lead Bank lenders are dedicated to providing its clients with the resources and quick service needed to succeed. Lending decisions are made locally and clients are in direct communication with the people who make the decisions.


Why should businesses opt for your company’s credit card?

In today’s world, security is at the forefront of all business minds. Lead Bank’s cards have high security levels that keep clients safe from fraud. It has a transaction recognition system that is set up to help diminish foreign or unusual transactions, and it is monitored to make quick and necessary changes for countries that show high levels of card fraud.

In addition, Lead Bank provides a personal touch. From the time the application is received until the time a cardholder closes the card, there is someone at Lead Bank who assists the client. Lead Bank’s local loan officers and underwriters have first-hand knowledge of who the business client is; they are not just information on a piece of paper. Another perk includes the ability to make payments online or within branches, allowing for quicker posting and funds availability. Lead Bank’s team is ready to assist in any situation via phone, email or chat.


How can Startups and VC firms benefit from your credit service?

We provide short-term working capital lines of credit to assist startups and venture capital firms based on their needs. For startups, Lead Bank is able to provide a line of credit that ties-in with raising capital. For venture capital firms, Lead Bank provides lines of credit to assist with short term capital needs between capital calls. Historically, venture capital firms usually call capital two-to four-times a year and use the line in between those calls.


What is a Lead Instant-Issue Debit Card? What process should the customers follow if they need the service?

Lead instant-issue debit cards are a perk of banking with Lead Bank and are one of the most popular products offered by us. Instant-Issue debit cards, paired with other services like ClickSWITCH, allow new Lead Bank clients to switch over their relationship at account opening.

The instant-issue debit cards free the client of any homework/follow-up post-account opening – no need to wait on your new debit card in the mail and no need to call a 1-800 number to activate. Clients can simply contact a Universal Banker by email or phone to sign for their new instant-issue debit card. In addition, Lead Bank offers customized Instant-Issue Debit Cards which allow for a client to choose what their card looks like. Want a photo of your dog on your card? No problem, Lead Bank can customize the card with your favorite photo.

Brooke Clouse, SVP, Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Brooke was named in “Banking Exchange” magazine’s inaugural 20 Under 40 Awards in 2018 as well as Missouri Bankers Association “2019 Young Banker Finalist.” Currently serving as Senior Vice President and Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Lead Bank, Brooke has been with the Bank for 12 years working in multiple different departments throughout the years. She currently serves on the boards of MBA Young Bankers and Furry Kids’ Refuge. In addition, she is currently participating in the Kansas City Chamber’s Fall 2022 Centurion Leadership Program. She will graduate from Graduate School of Banking – Madison, Wisconsin in August 2021.


The Leader

Josh Rowland, CEO and Vice Chairman

Josh was named a “Top 10 Most Innovative CEOs for 2018” by INV Fintech as well as ICBA 2018 Community Banker of the Year for the Central region. Apart from being the CEO and Vice Chairman of Lead Bank, he serves the bank at multiple management roles. He is also the President and CEO of Lead Financial Group.

He currently serves on the boards of MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault), the University of Kansas Health Systems Advancement, the Urban League of Kansas City, the Kansas City Art Institute, the Kansas City Symphony, and the Financial Services Committee of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

He earned his BA from Stanford University and a PhD. in English Literature from Yale University. Josh also graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston College Law School. Prior to joining Lead Bank in 2008, he practiced law as a commercial litigator, focusing on securities defense work at two American Law 100 firms.


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