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Lead Bank and TabaPay provide the push to debit solution for a more rapid funding option. Push to debit is often referred to as push to card, instant funding, real time payments, and disbursement and collections. This technology allows funds to be transferred immediately to a consumer's bank account through their debit card. Push to debit in comparison to ACH transactions can be worth it if your business requires the instantaneous movement of funds.

Merchant process

Push to Debit Industry Candidates
Payroll: Freelance workers, Gig economy, Courier/drivers, Payroll advances
Insurance payout
Small business payouts
Lending: Consumer lending, small business lending
Payout from online sales
Non-profits: Humanitarian aid, Grants, Scholarships
Government payouts: Tax refunds, Refund overpayment

Benefits of Push to Debit

Nov 22, 2018, 00:09 AM
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Instant Push
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Seamless Pull
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Transfer funds to external accounts instantly

Fund a newly opened account seamlessly

The real time payment process is facilitated by APIs

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