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Stay up to date with our renovations for the Lee's Summit/Blue Springs and Crossroads/Kansas City location here!  



Lee's Summit Plans

Lee's Summit Updates


Update 12/10/2019

renovations 1


   Update 1/17/2020

Lee's Summit Renovations

Renovations Lee's Summit

Update 2/10/2020

LS Renovation 2LS Renovation

Update 9/17/2020

Kansas City Updates


Update 6/5/2020

Crossroads renovation


Update 6/6/2020

Crossroads renovation 2

Crossroads renovation 3Crossroads renovation 4Crossroads renovation 5

Update 6/30/20

CR renovationCR renovation 2CR renovation 3

CR renovation 4
CR renovation 5
Update 7/28/2020
Update 8/20/2020
Moss wall