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Lead Emerging Artist Prize (LEAP)

A partnership program with the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) to shine a light on KCAI students.



"Working with young artists who have a different perspective of the world around us, especially our community, is refreshing. They give us hope for the future and we’re very excited to support their creative talents."

- Joshua Rowland, CEO of Lead Bank.







2019/2020 Winners



Alex Duncan LEAP

Alex Duncan

Folly Jazz Poster

(Graphic design)

Jinblossom Plati LEAP

Jinblossom Plati

Pink Lotus




Rian Stallbaumer LEAP


Rian Stallbaumer

Rest Area



Kate Fromm LEAP

Kate Fromm





2018/2019 Winners




Vivian Becks LEAP


Vivian Becks

A Home Alone

(Digital animation)

Rachel Tucker LEAP

Rachel Tucker

Insecure: Belly

(Charcoal illustration)

Lisa Bjornstad LEAP

Lisa Bjornstad

Boolean Lovers

(Bronze sculpture)

Anella Fernandez LEAP

Anella Fernandez

The Dolls that Rose

(Graphic collage)