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Why savings and credit matter for you.

Smart saving habits help stretch your budget, save for a home, and make each month a little easier. Check out the video tips below to learn more about how to take control and set yourself up to succeed.

A person holding their neck and investigating damage after an unexpected car accident created an unexpected expense an emergency savings account could help with

Emergency Savings Accounts Can Help Cover the Unexpected

Do you break into a sweat when replacing a broken refrigerator or covering a car-repair bill? It's time for an emergency fund.
A woman reviewing a plan and evaluating if they have saved enough for their future needs

Are You Saving for Your Future Needs?

While it’s easy to spend your check on daily needs like utilities or entertainment, saving for your short- and long-term needs can be hard.
A father and daughter at the grocery store using everyday tips to save money

Everyday Tips for Saving Money

Saving money can be hard, but there are simple ways to cut back everyday spending that starts adding up each month.
A person working on their budget and automating their savings accounts

It’s Time to Automate Your Savings

Saving money should be one of your prime financial goals. Automation makes things easier, so how about using it to save money?
A mother and daughter exploring financial wellness and saving money

Explore financial wellness tips for each stage of life

Smart saving habits help make each month a little easier. Check out our tips and advice on how to take control and set yourself up to succeed.




Why It’s Important to Pay Down and Avoid Debt

Credit cards and loans are helpful tools, but it’s easy to fall into credit card debt or accumulate more loans than are helpful. Why is it important to pay down or avoid debt all together when possible?

A woman reviewing credit card bills on her phone and trying to learn how to pay down debt

Paying Debts & Learning to Save Can Reduce Your Financial Worries

‘Don’t worry, be happy’ is great advice, but it isn’t easy to follow when it comes to financial issues.
A woman developing a household budget in her living room

How Having a Household Budget Can Help You

Have you set up a household budget yet? It’s a great tool for tracking monthly expenses & income while planning for the future.
A male African American student who has recently graduated college and is ready to start paying back student loans

Paying Back Student Loans?

Millions of people use student loans, but it’s important to remember that these loans are borrowed money that must be repaid.
A hispanic student in a college hallway investigating what to know about student loans

What to Know About Student Loans

What are your options? How much will you need? How do you obtain one? Check out the answers to these and more in this helpful guide.

Why and How to Establish Credit

Did you know it’s recommended to start saving for retirement at 20 years old? It’s not too late to invest in your life after retirement; follow these tips to get or stay on the right track.

A person shopping using a credit card after following tips to raise your credit score

Tips on Raising Your Credit Score

Credit score in need of a boost? While you can’t raise it overnight, there are simple ways to make a difference in only a few months.
A new homeowner couple placing a sold sign on their first home after discovering why their credit score matters and using the information to buy a house

Your Credit Score Matters

A credit score may be more important than you think. What is it, how do you use it, and why is it so important to financial goals?
A young adult shopping on their tablet while learning the advantages of using a credit card

Advantages of Using a Credit Card

Whether shopping online, renting a car, or buying a new refrigerator in an emergency, credit cards give you powerful protections.

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