Digital Wallet - Use Apple, Google, Samsung Pay | Lead Bank



What is Digital Wallet?

Digital Wallet, also known as e-wallet, allows payments to be made electronically using a smart phone, tablet or even your watch, by registering a Lead Bank debit card with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay. Purchases can be made online and in person at locations set up with the payment service, and can be done without swiping, dipping, or enter card information. This is a free service.


Why is Digital Wallet better?

Secure to use

Your card number is encrypted and never stored or shared with retailers.

Convenient to pay

Payment is as simple as a touch, tap or click.

Simple to set up

It's easy to add your card to your phone, tablet, watch or laptop.

Accepted all over

Digital Wallet is accepted by millions of businesses worldwide in stores, online, and in apps.

How do I set up my Digital Wallet?

Debit Card