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Our Values

Nov 22, 2018, 11:54 AM
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Lead Bank’s culture and team reflect our values in an environment that makes it possible.
Whether it’s for our communities, each other, or situations people find themselves in, we cultivate and encourage an attitude of being compassionate.
This compassion for the unique perspectives and situations leads us to be more open to new ideas, experiences resulting in more and better solutions.
Opening the door to new ideas creates limitless space to imagine what can be done to serve the aspirations of entire communities, businesses, and causes.
The imagination that creates unique ideas helps us to be nimble and respond with unique, compassionate, and creative solutions no matter what happens.
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Join Our Team!

For Community Partners:

If you are an agency, institution, or organization* that supports underserved populations, including people with disabilities, please contact us for an invitation to join Aptly. Lead Bank is a leader in developing solutions that create an inclusive future for all. We use the products and services of Aptly, and its sister company InReturn Strategies, to ensure we can build as many community connections as possible, and integrate your incredible value and the people you serve into our business. We provide Aptly’s services at no cost to our community partners. 

"Agency, institution, or organization” are collectively defined by Aptly as Access Providers and are any potential point of access for businesses to connect with and engage underserved populations, including people with disabilities, and/or support services. Access Providers can be:

  • Traditional service providers or support organizations
  • Public, charitable, or privately funded community organizations
  • Education and military institutions
  • Advocacy and support/accommodation organizations