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StoneLion Puppet Theatre | Client Story | Lead Bank

April 04, 2019

"We needed a bank that could help take our business to the next level and found that in Lead Bank." - Heather Loewenstein, Found of StoneLion Puppet Theatre. Client since April 2018.

Heather Loewenstein has a passion for puppets. She founded the StoneLion Puppet Theatre over 24 years ago, designing and performing more than 80 productions for the company. Her puppet company is dedicated to expanding the horizons of the young and the young-at-heart through the art of puppetry in an interdisciplinary community of ethnic and cultural diversity. When it came time to take StoneLion to the next level, Lead Bank was an easy choice for heather. she wanted to grow StoneLion with a company that works to grow the community. So when Heather's world-class puppet company grew and needed a home for her puppets, Lead Bank provided Heather with not just a business loan, but also peace of mind. As StoneLion Puppet Theatre grows and educates the community on the art of puppetry, they will continue to rely on Lead Bank's financial support as well as support from the local arts community and businesses. 


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