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KC Studio - KCAI

April 04, 2019

"Lead Bank has been a great friend of the Kansas City Art Institute. Most recently, they created the Lead Emerging Artist Prize to support art and design students. This kind of deep and meaningful engagement makes Kansas City such as great community." - Tony Jones, The Nerman Family President of KCAI

The Kansas City Art Institute provides a rigorous, diverse curriculum and an immersive studio experience for students who are passionate about the realization of their ideas. The origins of KCAI date back to 1885 when an enterprising group of Kansas Citians with a mutual appreciation for art formed a Sketch Club. Today, KCAI is an impressive reflection of its 130-year history and the community in which it evolved. Lead Bank has also grown from a rich 90-year history in Missouri. Lead Bank provides innovative financial solutions for businesses and individuals, like the talented student of KCAI, who are passionate about the realization of their future. KCAI and Lead bank are proud to call Kansas City home and they look forward to making Kansas City the perfect intersection of arts, culture, innovation and imagination.


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Josh Rowland, CEO and vice chairman of Lead Bank, welcoming a hispanic business owner to the Kansas City location