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Lead Bank offers sophisticated payment services for technology-focused businesses and fintech companies. Lead Bank has focused its’ efforts on establishing payment processing solutions to support the more complex needs of Fintech companies. Our banking platform gives fintech companies the ability to access multiple banking services that are customizable and secure.

Lead Bank has a specific payment strategy incorporating technology and services to support the processing needs of our clients. Our capabilities include robust payment solutions for ACH and Wire Processing, Card Disbursements, Card Sponsoring, and Lending Programs. Our Bankers regularly evaluate new technology and new solutions in the payment space. Additionally, our team of compliance experts provides the proper rigorous regulation, oversight and controls that gives our partners confidence and peace-of-mind. These mainstays allow us to provide access to financial networks (like the Federal Reserve Bank and card networks) as well as hold and move money securely.


Payments: Streamlined, compliant payment solutions

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connectivity allows for easy server connectivity
  • Customized reporting tools (including BAI and CSV files) give you the insights required to grow your business
  • Push to debit capabilities allow to you accelerate payment to a user’s debit card
  • Batch wire processing lets you send multiple wires at the same time
  • Flexible, knowledgeable bankers ready to help when it’s convenient for you


What is Banking as a Service (BaaS)?
Banking as a Service (BaaS) is a B2B service where financial institutions extend their banking infrastructure to Fintech companies (and other organizations that need to carry out finance operations but do not want to organize their own bank). BaaS essentially enables non-bank organizations to efficiently offer regulated, compliant and secure financial services.

How does Banking as a Service (BaaS) work?
Lead Bank (and other BaaS banks) partner with Fintech companies to extend banking services to a unique financial service provided to consumers, typically through the use of APIs (application programming interfaces). Lead Bank provides the banking services and/or compliance services required by a FDIC approved financial institution. 

Why is BaaS gaining momentum?

Banking as a Service (BaaS) allows non-bank organizations to integrate all the financial components (including compliance and regulatory requirements) into its business processes.  The benefit for the business is that it saves them time and money from building their own banking platform and gives the business peace-of-mind from a compliance perspective. The benefit to the consumer is a unique financial service streamlined to offer a better and more complete user experience. Offering BaaS allows banks to offer their products at scale and to stay relevant in this technology-forward environment. BaaS is win-win for the end client, the business and the bank!


Why you should partner with Lead Bank

Rigorous Compliance & Regulatory Processes Enjoy peace-of mind and confidence that Lead Bank has 60% more in-house “audit and risk” experts compared to other similar sized community banks, allowing you to protect your customers while growing your business.
Payment Processing Skip the middleman and tap into streamlined, compliant payment solutions, including ACH, wire, push to card funds disbursement and money transfer for highly regulated cash intensive businesses.
Detailed Accounting Practices Trust our customized, timely accounting settlements, robust reporting capabilities and detailed accounting support to boost your confidence and peace-of-mind; expect the detail behind the numbers from Lead Bank!
Consumer Lending Experience Enjoy the success that comes from our expertise of serving more than half a million consumers across the country with credit products.
Cash Deposit Processing Rely on our relationships with armored car carriers and the 12 Federal Reserve Banks if you are a cash intensive business, allowing the delivery of your cash to be more efficient coast to coast.
Financial Wellness and Inclusion Work with an experienced partner that provides innovative financial solutions, aiding financial wellness and combatting financial inequity among diverse communities.
Vertical Knowledge Partner with a bank that has a wide range of experience working with a variety of verticals, including financial wellness, cannabis, MSB (money service businesses), online lenders and others.
Banking as a Platform Build your business faster with banking services that are secure, customizable and backed by a FDIC regulated institution.
 Data Mining Ability to provide an enriched data set on our state-of-the-art data platform, giving you access to more meaningful data analytics for your business.

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