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Lead Bank believes in a diverse and inclusive community: a message from our CEO

Lead Bank strives to advance diversity and inclusion not only in terms of type and years of work experience and geographic location, but also race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, and physical abilities.


Michele Myers

I enjoy working for Lead Bank because of the opportunity for growth, both professionally and personally. Since coming to work at Lead Bank, I have had to the chance to grow professionally as well as personally.
The people that I work with are great and everyone treats each other with respect and dignity. We also consider each other family and that is why I love working for Lead Bank.

- Michele Myers, Assistant BaaS Compliance Officer

James Kosbar


I very much enjoy working with my Lead Bank family. They have given me the tools I need to succeed in the banking industry. Lead Bank has given me the chance to grow my professional resume and personally integrate myself within the Kansas City area.
I really enjoy working for Lead Bank because of the opportunities they provide to support local businesses and to give back to the community.

- James Kosbar, Branch Banker

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